LI this weekend... G.A. tomorrow

This just in: We are playing this Saturday (August 23rd) in LI. People have been asking us for months and months to play in LI. Well, now is your chance to see it happen. We are going to deliver for you the full HONOR SOCIETY experience. I mean, no Duh.

Also, we have a new Gentlemen's Club in the works. It's going to be seriously funny. I don't want to spoil any surprises.. but there may or may not be a little bit of skin showing, thats for sure. Uh oh! The NEW episode will be debuting exclusively on our official fan site very soon, so check back for updates in the next few days...

Plus, tomorrow we are planning to go on a Great Adventure! I mean.. we're invading the theme park, also known as Six Flags. So if you see us upside down on a giant roller coaster tomorrow, come by and say hello! Even better, wear your 'See U In The Dark' shirt, so we know it's you. Duh.



School of Rock

Tomorrow night we return to NJ for another show at the School of Rock. Last time we played this venue it was really a lot of fun. The stage is pretty large, and the room itself is spacious and has a great sound. Doors are at 7pm. Be there.
We are also looking to playing a few additional shows the last week in August, maybe in the LI area, so look out for that real soon!
Finally, the US/US Tour was a huge success because of YOU.. but this is only the beginning. We cannot wait to announce what our Fall plans are going to be! So get ready for HONOR SOCIETY to be across the US. No Duh.

See you guys tomorrow night. Bring your glow sticks. It is SO on!

-Jason and the HS varsity brigade

PS Heres a clip from our last show at School of Rock:


People this is Epic

Ok things are getting to a tipping point.. Last Tuesday night we rocked the #@*% out of the Knitting Factory. It was another stellar evening for us. Duh. Would you expect anything less then that? No of course not. And we were so happy that our fans came from near and far to see us. There was some Boston girls representing, as well as our good friends Katy and Karleigh (and family) all the way from Eerie PA! So we want to thank all of you for making our show the bomb. For serious.
As if that night wasn't enough, there are other major developments taking place.. Let me first though take you back to last week. We finished another new song. It's called 'Two Rebels' Check it:

Oh also we had a mention on Perez Hilton! Our friends, The Jonas Brothers, came out to our Knitting Factory show. We were happy they came out and supported us, it really meant a lot. Then last Friday we were at their Jones Beach show. There were cameras everywhere following them around for MTV, it was for a new web cast show. So we ended up on MTV! All in one week.. Not bad at all.

I am so tempted to tell you more, but for now I will just have to say goodbye. There are major forces at work right now that could very well change the course of all our lives, and the future of HONOR SOCIETY. It is so exciting and we cannot wait to share the news with all of you. Stay tuned...


ps Heres a montage of songs from our show that the good people at POPSTAR put together:


Bean Town Boys

This past weekend we descended upon the great state of Massachusetts, and more specifically the town of Boston. It was another epic weekend of shows.. but let me go back to Friday night first and get you up to speed.

We did a live web chat on justin.tv. It was totally cool, and we announced a lot of incredible up coming events including... August 5th at the Knitting Factory. We are throwing the BIGGEST party on the summer! That's right.. you can expect to see some very special appearances by people in the August issue of POPSTAR magazine! We even posted a blog on their website about the show, inviting all readers of the mag to attend. Check it out:

Then Saturday morning at the crack of dawn we took off to the east and played an 'Under the Sun' show in Boston. The next day we did one more 'Under the Sun' show. They were both amazing. Thanks to everyone at these parties who made them both so special. We can't do this without you guys. You rock! Duh.

Tonight we are busy rehearsing for next Tuesdays show. It is only one week away! I can assure you that we are busy planning some musical surprises including a brand NEW song called 'Two Rebels.' It's gonna be beyond epic.. it's gonna be colossal.



The Honor Roll

The hottest dance craze of the summer has hit the streets! If you haven't heard about the 'Honor Roll' yet you should watch this video below and learn it pronto. We want to see YOU dancing to See U In The Dark (rocking the honor roll on August 5th @ the Knitting Factory) with everyone in the audience. We will be picking one person who has perfected the dance moves for a special prize.. So watch this video, and practice the dance NOW. Duh.



So its 8am in Indiana right now and I'm sitting in the lobby of a Super 8 hotel. Alex, Jason, Andrew & Kat are all sleeping right now but I'm up because I'm so amped to tell you guys how the tour is going.

Its been epic so far!!!

We ROCKED a party last night in Illinois with our performance BUT we also taught the first group of fans our new dance, the hottest dance in the streets, "The Honor Roll".

It's sick ...and by sick I mean extremely sick.

We'll be making an instructional Youtube video this week so the whole world can learn it, love it and do it at our show in NYC on August 5th, we want it to be bigger than Souljah Boy's dance so start stretching.

Now we're off to Southern Indiana for another 'Under the Stars' performance.

Thank you to all our fans supporting us right now, you have no worries, we're keeping it handsome, fun, and gentlemanly, duh.

Your Summer Crush,


The Gentlemen of Summer

This summer is shaping up to be a huge leap forward for us, it's very exciting! Let me recap for you our most recent July developments. First of all, we had an epic show on July 5th. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it incredibly awesome, we couldn't have done it without you. And don't feel too bad if you might have missed it. We are officially booked to return to the Knitting Factory for another night of rocking and rolling.. (and dancing of course). Mark your calendars:

Tuesday, August 5th
HONOR SOCIETY @ Knitting Factory (Main Stage) 7pm

And if you thought the last show was sick... you haven't seen nothing yet. This next Knitting Factory show is gonna be bigger and better then the last. This is the event of the summer, so don't miss it. Duh.

Also, we had another great CT outing on July 10th. We did our thing again at Toquet Hall in Westport, CT. It was a fun one, and we met some dudes from a great band out of Boston called 'The Blue Pages.' They were really cool guys. (Check out their lead singer wearing an official 'See U In The Dark' shirt in their myspace default pic!)

Finally, last weekend we kicked off our 'Under The Sun / Under The Stars Tour 2008' in the good ol' state of New Jersey. Me and the boys drove out to the first stop on our party hoping tour.

Now, you might say to yourself, 'What exactly are you going to play when you come to my house?' Well, the answer is right below.. Enjoy, and see you on the road this summer,

-Jason and the HS traveling varsity players


Jonas Questions

More and more eyes are coming on HONOR SOCIETY, and we have to thank all of the fans for their support in making this grow sooo incredibly fast.

One question/issue that seems to be continually rehashed is the question of 'Why did Alexander leave the Jonas Brothers?' or 'Is there beef between the two bands?'

All of this needs to be squashed.

I was the original drummer for the Jonas Brothers from May 2005 until Thanksgiving time 2006. It was a great year and a half run for my career, but it is time to reveal why I left the band and put the rumors to bed.

Artistically, I was unhappy playing in that band. That's it.

I was simply a hired drummer, who played the Jonas' songs - which was awesome, but I really needed to leave and find my own voice, my own band, my own project. HONOR SOCIETY is that project - I am able to be an artist with NO labels, managers or band members holding me back creatively.

I got into music to create... not to duplicate. That is why I left the band, and that is why I am now a member of HONOR SOCIETY.

I still talk with, and hang out with Nick, Joe and Kevin whenever they come to the city and we are all still friends. They fully understand my position and have encouraged me every step of the way. I find it very funny, when people suggest there is beef between us.

The only beef between us, is the 20 oz. Rib-Eye that Nick eats whenever we go out to dinner. Period.

- Alexander


Epic by nature

Last Saturday we, the band HONOR SOCIETY that you know and love, embarked on an epic photoshoot, the likes which you have never seen before. The conditions were perfect as we drove up for another photographic odyssey.

We drove two hours from New York to Rhode Island. Once we arrived, we parked ourselves inside a cabana on the beach, right next to the ocean. It was bright and sunny, the sky was magnificent and blue. The day couldn't have been more perfect.

First, we took photos all along the cabana, and then we walked into the small beach town that sits next to the beach and shot some more. (They have yummy treats all around like salt water taffy and delicious home made ice cream, both of which we sampled).

This little beach town is also home to the oldest carousel in America. It has wooden horses on chains that spin around a central wooden cylinder, which had drum and pipe organ adornments. We stood in the center and snapped some shots of us as the horses whirled by.

Next, we headed to the docks and shot some pics next to the water. All of the sudden, this amazing fog rolled into town. It was like a bonfire had been set off and the smoke just filled up all around us. It felt like we were on a movie set.

The scene was set for the second half of our shoot. We descended onto the beach area, with instruments in toe. Alex had his drum kit set up in the sand. The beach emptied due to the lack of direct sun light, and the incredible fog made it look like we were on some marooned island. So for the next hour or so we took advantage of this fog anomaly as our amazing photographer, Richie, snapped tons of epic images.

Needless to say, we are SO amped about these new photos and can't wait for you guys to see them. Check back soon for a sneak peak of some of the shots...



Break it down one more time

Our eyes and ears have been swirling with ideas. We are going to bring YOU that non-stop rock and roll pop thunder to YOUR town pronto. (Get ready for it) You can be sure that there is going to be some HOTNESS in your neck of the woods this summer. Stay tuned for BIG tour news soon.

First off though, we had to unfortunately postpone our show at Toquet Hall in CT. It WILL be rescheduled for early July, so look out for that one... Meanwhile July 5th is closing in on us, it's a week from this Saturday. The Knitting Factory is going to light up with fireworks HONOR SOCIETY style! Be there. Duh.

We are planning a killer set of tunes, mixing up the set order, adding some new arrangements, and quite possibly some new songs... You KNOW when you come out to one of our shows its going to be a party! We mean business. Duh and Duh.

Peace and goodnight,


ps For your viewing pleasure.


We're just getting started

Lot's of updates. Lemme get you up to speed...

We are doing another live web chat this Friday night at 7pm. Click on Justin.tv to check it out. We have done a few of these already and they have been eventful. This one will not disappoint. Just take a look at this highlight from our last chat. It's a special song by the one and only Frozone. Priceless.

Next Wednesday June 25th we have a show at Toquet Hall. We are excited to get back out to CT. It's going to be a fun one. Speaking of more shows, we also announced another Knitting Factory show for Saturday, July 5th. We had such a great time when we played there a few weeks ago for our EP release show. I predict this show is going to be another HOT one (bring your glowsticks). Duh.

And last but not least, we are featured in two music magazines this month! First there is POPSTAR magazine. We did an interview with Katie & Karleigh a few months ago that is reprinted inside. We are also the featured artist of the summer in a magazine called JOBROMANCE. There is a 5 page interview filled with some great band pictures. Just goto the site and download the .zip file to view the article.

That's it for now. We're gonna hit u with some BIG touring news soon, so stay tuned. Duh.

-The summer boys of HONOR SOCIETY


Magic and Musk

Check out our NEWEST installment in the Gentlemen's Club series.. In this episode you will find many magical surprises. Enjoy.



It's gettin' hot in here

Is it HOT enough outside for you. Today is going to reach a record 98 degrees! It's a HEAT wave for sure... I just walked outside for about 20 minutes, around Washington Square Park, and by the end of it I was ready to either go for a swim or pass out. You can almost taste the thick humidity in your mouth as your lungs fill up with a rich, dry layer of hot air. Luckily there are such things (invented by geniuses) as iced coffee to refresh your tongue and add needed caffeine to your movements.

Days like today I also really appreciate another marvel of our modern world - air conditioners (yet another invention created by geniuses). Those big hunks of metal and electrical circuitry, cooling our atmospheric environment, create a livable (and enjoyable) realm to dwell in. On days like today it's imperative to stop every few blocks in a store with air conditioning pumping to keep you fueled for your remaining journey. It's like a swimmer coming up for oxygen as they do their long marathon swim through the elements - living for those short slurps of air.

Having the proper attire is an essential, but you must always maintain your cool. Duh. The right pair of shades and shorts and you are ready to bear the suns relentless rays. Of course you could walk inside a chilly American Apparel store for a minute to cool yourself down... just be careful not to get caught shopping while inside.

-Jason and the HOT gentlemen of HONOR SOCIETY

ps Speaking of HOT, the new Gentlemen's Club is premiering this Wed. June 11th at 8pm.


Let the games begin

Last Saturday was a KO! Thanks for coming out and partying with us. We were so psyched to be playing our EP release show at the Knitting Factory. It was a HUGE success! Here at the HONOR SOCIETY camp there is a sense of accomplishment after putting our blood, sweat and tears into making this album (and show) a reality.

All these things considered though, we are not a band to slow down even slightly. We have many new 'tricks up our sleeves' just waiting in the wings.. On tap for June (and the summer beyond) are:

-NEW Gentlemen's Club episodes (They are going to make you laugh yourself into a tizzy. Oh, what!? Duh).
-NEW songs (This Bed is an Ocean, The Letter and more...)
-NEW behind the EP documentary
-NEW photos and a music video

Not to mention LOT'S more live shows!! Stay tuned for more details on another NYC show planned for mid-June.

It's going to be a crazy hot summer with your favorite gentlemen. So break out your sunblock, Raybans and short-shorts. It's time to get a tan, HONOR SOCIETY style.

-Jason and the HONOR SOCIETY volley ball squad

p.s Check out this video of an acoustic version of our new song. We da BEST baby.


And for our next trick...

Many people across the US went traveling for Memorial Day weekend. I'm sure it must have been fun. While you were eating that hot dog at your family's bar-b-q, we were locked down in Alex's basement rehearsing. Yes, it was time consuming, but it was time well spent.

You will FLIP when you hear this new set! Digging into the EP songs and performing them with these all new sounds and parts has been so gratifying. They have a solid foundation now, and a renewed energy to them. I've been experimenting w/ various textures from my keys. It's like a jigsaw puzzle, and all our instruments are a piece that need to lock into the others in just the right way.

Our set has become a different beast altogether. More like a Lion now maybe.. The arrangements have all been revamped and reloaded with some awesome new parts (and interludes added in from the EP). Some old favorites are getting a face lift as well. Kiss me like u mean it is sounding really cool with a killer new synth line we added. Also, we are resurrecting an old favorite! I won't give the title away, but let me divulge that theres gonna be some booty shaking going down. No doubt.

Oh, and Alex is rocking some additions to his drum kit. There's an all new electric element going on.. Rock solid. In addition, Mike has been jamming on his Les Paul. The sonics he's producing are gigantic, thick and chunky. Super beefy, for the kids.

Basically, we are super pumped for our show at the Knit on Saturday night. It's going to be killer. Duh. Be THERE or be THERE.

-Jason and the HONOR SOCIETY fellowship

We don't play shows,
We still only throw PARTIES


A Tale of Risky Business

Drum roll please... The EP is done! We worked long and hard to complete it, and it is all wrapped up. It has been a whirlwind, and at some points I thought we wouldn't be able to pull it all together. In the end we got it all done, and let me tell you it was down to the wire.

Those moment's when I thought, 'This is impossible, it will never happen' are the ones when we really banded together and got things done. We pulled together as only HONOR SOCIETY can, and delivered in a BIG way.

The music on this EP is the best we've ever created, hands down. The title of our EP is, A Tale of Risky Business, and for me it really sums everything up. The past few months have been jam packed with us growing and changing as a band, becoming stronger and more focused on what we want to accomplish. It's a risk you take to put yourself out there sometimes, but you know what they say, without risk there is no reward.

Here is a sneak peak at the track listing:

1. The Mystery of the Vanishing Girl (prologue)
2. See U In The Dark
3. And For Our Next Trick... (interlude)
4. Why Didn't I?
5. Risky Business (interlude)
6. The Takeover
7. The Haunt (epilogue)

The art for our CD wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Andrew. He literally put it all together and made it happen.. So a big kudos to Andrew. This is the final result:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Next up we are getting back into the rehearsal arena and shedding for our upcomding EP release show on May 31st. We have some NEW surprises planned, and if all goes well a brand new song to debut! It's going to be ridiculously awesome. Duh.

-Jason and the HONOR SOCIETY crew


Our EP is almost done!

Hello you wonderful people. We are extremely busy right now finishing up our EP. It is sounding SO HOT that I cannot even begin to describe how excited we are. It has been a crazy process and the last week has been kind of a blur. I have been back and forth from Manhattan to our studio in NJ. I have logged many hours on the NJ transit train. I can tell you exactly what the stops are from Penn Station to Seacaucus (where we transfer) to our stop in Waldwick. You have stops such as Ramsey, Ho-Ho-Kus, Ridgewood etc. etc.
Yes the last week has been super crazy, but I KNOW we have something really special for you to hear. The artwork is also really cool. I don't want to give away too much, but let me say there is a mystery novel theme to it. There may or may not be lighthouses and anchors involved as well...
So our deadline is rapidly approaching to deliver the music and artwork to the CD duplication place. There is no way to have a EP release show without EP's! Duh. Which by the way, our show is NOW on May 31st at the Knitting Factory, Main Stage. We go on at 8pm. It's going to be fun getting back on the stage again.
Anyway it's Saturday, but it could be a Thursday. Each day seems like the one before. It's crunch time, but I think sometimes the best work comes out of those situations when your up against the wall. Soon the fruits of our labor will be unleashed for everyone to enjoy. And then maybe I can relax.. for a minute at least.



In the business of business

so things are getting crazy, everything is elevating: creativity, pressure, expenses, deadlines, its alot to handle.

Things are going well right now and it's funny it sounds cliche but alot of times when i'm down, making our music makes me feel so much better. I can be stressed about so many things and we get in the studio and it all goes away. Its awesome. That's how I know we're on to something because I'm just like you guys, a music fan, and our music gives me a great feeling.

On the creative side we've already started messing with ideas for a new Gentlemen's Club and no joke we have an idea for an animated series starring us! How sick would that be!?!

anyway its Friday, go turn up HONOR SOCIETY while you're getting ready and then go have FUN!


Your Mom. "The Gentlemen's Club" : Episode 6



Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro...

Cinco De Mayo! Check out the new Gentlemen's Club! Duh.


Gentlemen in the Studio with Cats

We are SO pumped about our new recordings.. Everything is progressing quite nicely. It's been such a treat to give these songs the FULL studio treatment. (It's about time really). For the last month we've pooled all our creative energy together and have come up with something truly wonderful I am proud to say.

People have asked us, 'What's it like in the studio?' Well, a typical day in the studio could run about 10 hours or more. It's in these long sessions that a good chunk of the tracking gets done. Many times I find myself sipping on some freshly brewed java beans (aka coffee) to keep me moving. Andrew has said that it helps my fingers dance across the keyboards. I tend to agree.

When you sit in a room with four other people things can sometimes get... congested. It's a fun little experiment to see who will crack first and go nutty at some point!? One time Alex got so claustrophobic down in the studio he had to go run laps around the block for an hour! Haha. But in full seriousness we are HONOR SOCIETY so we keep our cool. Duh.

Another feature of our studio experience has been the cat factor. Chris Theis, our producer we are working with, has two cats that roam around the studio at any given point. You might by chance get up for a minute to get a drink and come back only to find your seat stolen by a C-A-T!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

ps No cats were harmed during the making of this EP. Duh.



EP Release

For the past month we have been in the studio (which has seriously screwed up my tan) putting in a lot of love into our new recordings and we are all stoked with how they are progressing. We just finished tracking See U In The Dark and it sounds... well I guess we have to keep that a secret for now.

With all the progress we have made, we wanted to announce our EP release date...

June 7th @ the Knitting Factory (Main Stage).

More details will be announced as it gets closer to the date AND we are going to have several contests, giving you the chance to win copies of the EP before the 7th.

aight. those are our studio updates.

it is a beautiful sunny day... everyone get out and enjoy it.

- The well-dressed boys of HS


Love in this Club

Hey, so we're here at the recording studio and day dreaming of you, duh. We've been working so hard on all three songs because we want to blow your minds. I think we're close.

But seriously when these three songs come out its gonna be boss. If you liked or loved HONOR SOCIETY before you're about to be in danger of obsession, good thing its almost summer. We'll be releasing our home addresses soon for cute stalkers.

In the meantime we are also scheming a new "Gentlemen's Club" which as you know we're always trying to take to a new level. We won't stop till we're filming on a yacht ;)

Bottom line: you all are amazing, this band has come so far in the last six months its crazy, and we want the next six to top that..so stick with us, we won't let you down.

Gimmie a D! Gimmie a U! Gimmie an H! What's that spell!?! HONOR SOCIETY

The Varsity Captains of HONOR SOCIETY


Honor Society in Billboard Magazine

As a musician...as someone who has played music their whole life and has always dreamed of playing music for a living, there are a few "milestones" that you look forward to...you know, like being on the cover of Rolling Stone or winning your first Grammy.

Last week, I'm proud to say that we've reached one of these milestones...let's call it a mini-milestone :)

Last week, Honor Society made its first appearance in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE!!!

Without further ado, here it is:


Next stop, Rolling Stone ;)

-andrew lee


It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out

HONOR SOCIETY lovers and friends, how are you?

First of all check out a professional artist's rendition of Michael and Alexander doing the 'Dirty Girl' above. 'Dirty Girl' is a Bobby Light song/production...duh.

So we've been in a pretty sick whirlwind lately. Last week we played a sold out 'old office' Knitting Factory show. The place was PACKED and we had a great time. Not mention the army of glo-sticks we got to witness rocking out to See U In The Dark.

Then Thursday we 'Rocked The Cause' at Marlboro High School in NJ with another pretty large and wild crowd. Major props to Marlboro HS and the lovely organizers who put it together.

Both shows made us feel like we're on the right tack and that we're doing something right because thankfully you guys are really responding to what we're doing. You're picking up what we're putting down if you will.

On the horizon for us is finishing our new recordings which we can't wait to have finished and by most of our myspace messages neither can YOU!

The reality is we're at an interesting point in our career right now. There's some major music business industry interest happening but its becoming attractive at the same time to do things more on our own...maybe Gentleman's Club Records is not too far from reality..;)

But don't you guys worry about that...just get amped for:


you get the idea....duh....you're HONOR SOCIETY fans so we know you're smart.

Good morning, Good afternoon, Goodnight
we love you,



See U In The Dark - Lyrics

By popular demand. Read them. Memorize them. We want to see YOU singing with us at our next show. Duh.

You were always the girl
Who would give me girl advice
Whenever I needed it

You're my best friend in the world
My friends thought you were fine
But I was always denying it

Then one summer day
I saw you laying by your swimming pool
And I was thinking damn you really changed
You're not the little girl i used to know
You opened up my eyes

I see you walk across my room in
Nothing but the moonlight
Now I love to see u in the dark
See u in the dark

My window frames you like a Monet
So don't come back to bed yet
Cause I love to see u in the dark
See u in the dark

My whole perspective has changed
The veil has been lifted
Now I see you're gifted

I'll never see you the same
Don't think I can go back
Cause I will always desire it

Don't take another step
Towards me just in case we have regrets
If tomorrow we go back to being friends
I'll think about the way you look tonight
You opened up my eyes

Maybe if you were someone else
It wouldn't have to be like this
I'm wondering how you feel about me now
Was it just a friendly kiss, yeah
Cause I'm seeing you for the first time

ShowDown in Motown

Okay, so we aren't actually going to Motown - but we are playing in NYC

The Knitting Factory
In the Old Office
at 7:30

Bring: Your "A" Game and a Glowstick


I am especially stoked to play because I am debuting a brand new drumset that I built and it looks mondo sick... oh yeah.

- A-town and down


Many shows/Facial hair grows/Studio photos

Ladies and Gents,

Just got back from a gig at Adelphi University out in Long Island. It was a cool spot, and we killed it (Duh). A few days ago we had a gig in Boston, and we're at Toquet Hall in CT for show tomorrow night.. and we're SUPER pumped to be back in NYC at the Knitting Factory on the 14th. It's gonna be off the hook!
Ok so me and the boys all decided to grow out a little facial hair while in the studio.. unity beards actually. I know, kinda kooky right.. but that's how we roll in Honor Society; all for one and one for all.
The recording is going extremely well, and we are itching to give you a taste of how it's all sounding.. For now feast your eyes on some shots we've gathered at 'Little Monster Studios' where all the overdubs are going down. It's been a blast for us. Take a look.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


In The Studio...the video

It's my first blog post! wooo!

I wanted to share this video with y'all because it has a lot of ME in it. Really...I'm the primary narrator, though Mr. Jason Rosen closes the video in style...in the dark.

Make sure you have your volume turned up and watch all the way to the end.

Get intimate with HONOR SOCIETY :)

-andrew lee



Tonight was very disappointing.

We found out at nine that we finished second in famecast voting.

I personally have several beefs with the famecast system and most online "talent search" websites. They always seem to change the rules halfway through the competition to favor certain acts over others - which is exactly what happened. When we signed up for famecast we were told that after finishing in the top five we would be competing in a live show (an even playing field) against the other bands. Instead they changed it to a voting format - who ever has the highest volume of fans - that is not a contest of talent. That is a contest of money. So here is a big fuck you to famecast (except Luke, who has some of the greatest tattoos in the history of the world) and an even bigger thank you to all of you that voted. You have been such an inspiration to all of us and we would not be able to do this without all of you.

The chip on my shoulder is a foot deep and only getting larger.

While I am very frustrated and angry, I am also very thankful to see such an incredible outpour of support both for the band and for our band-family. I can not thank our street team enough - Kat, Joyce, Rebecca and of course Steph... Thank you.

Thank you all for your support, this will not stop us... only make us more determined.

- Alexander


Upcoming Shows

HONOR SOCIETITES we have a whole garbage load of new shows that are coming up in April and we would love to see you guys there...

New songs, new surprises, maybe new haircuts - what else do you really want.

- Alexander


Trials of the Past Week

As many of you know, collectively as HONOR SOCIETY and individually as Michael, Jason, Andrew and Alexander, we lost our very close friend Steph over this past week.

Steph was not only one of our biggest supporters, but one of our best friends and closest advisors. I have personally known Steph for well over three years, when we both worked for the Jonas Brothers, and was thrilled to know that she was going to be working on the HONOR SOCIETY project. She was a joy to be around and we will all miss her deeply. It is a true tragedy and we obviously lend our thoughts and prayers to her family in this time of crisis.

We are all heartbroken over this loss and have unanimously decided to dedicate our upcoming EP in her memory.

Thank you Steph for all the memories. You will be missed but not forgotten.

- Alexander and the guys from HONOR SOCIETY


Edison Studio Pics

Here are some pictures from last Saturday.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


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Studio Wheels Turning...

Ok the caricature was pretty lame, as you can see below. Mike was right, we did end up with one of the worst caricature artists that Times Square has to offer. Oh well. I can say that the picture is hung up in the studio right now, providing us with some inspiration as we record.

Yesterday we had another tremendously successful studio session. We were focusing on guitar parts. Mike got his Strat game tight, he played all his parts and they sound sick. The songs are really starting to take shape. I'm telling you that you're gonna FLIP when you hear these new recordings. I think it sounds better then anything we've ever done.

Tonight we have a show at the Space in CT. It should be fun. We are very much in recording mode now, so it's kinda cool to step outside the confines of the studio and get out and rock for the people.

Happy first day of Spring.

- Jason


Recording/Scientology Protests & The world's worst caricature

Your favorite Gentlemen hit the studio yesterday for what's the start of a couple of weeks of recording. Here's the classy account:

It kicked off with me and Alex driving from the burbs to NYC right smack into the middle of a Scientology protest rally. no joke. Edison Studios is located right next to a huge church of Scientology. After converting some Scientology haters into HONOR SOCIETY fans we made our way into the studio.

The studio was sick, it's Lenny Kravitz's personal studio and we got work exclusively with one of his engineers, Chris Theis. We also got to use some of Lenny's own equipment like his bass and guitar amps.

Recording was awesome, it felt so great to play our songs with the passion and excitement that we all have for the music and then have it captured by such a pro in such a special studio. I'm seriously fighting tell you guys what we recorded but for now I'll keep it a surprise.

These recordings are gonna FINALLY rep HS in the way we've wanted for so long.

Lastly, on a short studio break yesterday jason and I decided to hit times square and get our caricature game up. The problem...we got the worst caricature guy in New York. We told him we were in a band and he decided to draw me holding a martini. wtf.

You can check out the picture right below in jason's blog about the studio, the 'frozone perspective' if you will.


Edison Recording Studio

Saturday we had a tremendous 12 hour recording session that is going to be a SOLID foundation for the new tracks! Edison studio is set amongst the backdrop of Broadway shows, in a 'mom and pop' hotel that was big in the jazz age of the 50's. The live room used to be a ballroom back in the day... Alexander set up his kit in the middle of the room and I played guitar to his right. Andy played some killer bass lines in front of Alex and me, while Mike added some inspired guitar and vocals in another booth. It was an amazing set up that allowed us to play all together at the same time. I'm telling you it sounds AMAZING already!
Next up we will be overdubbing instrumental and vocal parts for a few weeks. Stay tuned for more studio updates. For now, here is an interesting caricature of Mike and I. We got it in the madness of Times Square while taking a breather from the studio.

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Apparently Mike is big on martinis!?

- Jason


The Gentlemen's Club Volume 3

Michael and Alexander practice some LAX, take a spin in their 1973 Porche, and then welcome a special guest for a fireside interview.




Online Merch

Hey Kids,

Like Alex said we have a bunch of new merch to share with you.. and now you can buy everything online via our myspace page! We have some sick posters to hang on your wall in your bedroom, or put up in your bathroom (nothing like brushing your teeth with Honor Society). Plus the first 50 sold are signed by all of us.. Don't miss out..

Also we have some stellar new buttons, adorned with each of our faces. So you can take us with you wherever you go.

Go get yours now. Duh.

- Jason


New Merch

I can not believe it,

I almost totally forgot to tell you all that... we have new merch.

At our upcoming show at the Space we will be debuting new pins, shirts and patches.

We would encourage you to purchase these items, as it will increase your cool factor exponentially. Other side effects include, but are not limited to (supreme joy, overwhelming backaches, brighter smiles and greater rockability/endurance)

All really good things.

Keep on the look out for all that good stuff posted in our new online merch store.


Honor Societites,

Your favorite part-time rockers and full-time panda wranglers are gearing up for a brand new studio recording.

During our shows this past month, many of you asked 'where do I buy a demo?' - and we simply deflected your questions by telling you that we were working on them. To fill that void in our relationship we have decided to dedicate our March to getting into the studio and grinding out some love for you all.

We will be recording three songs: See U In The Dark, The Takeover, and Why Didn't I - plus some secret bonus material too.

Wish us luck - we will not need it.


- Alexander


Behind the Photo

By now I'm sure you've all seen the photos that came about after our momentous shoot a few weeks ago. It was an incredible experience that we will never forget. There was one shot in particular that demanded a huge 'leap' for us.. well for one of us at least. Alexander dutifully volunteered to jump as high as he could for this once in a lifetime picture. There is no two ways about it, he was the right man for the job. Check it out:

And heres the final result.

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- Jason


Another song writing session went down today and (once again) we have tapped into something seriously serious.

I am serious.

- The Alexander

post script - I am totally going to try and drop intermediate accounting tomorrow - i hope you all support me in this decision.


Sneak Peak

I'm not supposed to do this but I'm leaking a picture from our photoshoot last week. Rich Janiello of Ciro photography did an incredible job. This picture is the tip of the tip of the iceberg....duh.


Smallest Fan of the Band

Ladies and gentlemen,

I present to you the youngest Honor Society devotee. Born in Manhattan, this pint sized rock and roller wants nothing more then to listen to 'Kiss Me Like You Mean It' on heavy rotation in his crib (either that or 'No Win Situation'). He was spotted recently wearing an official Honor Society onesie. Check it out:

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If you see this baby (who happens to be my nephew, Zachary) at one of our shows give him a high five! He can hang late night, just give him a bottle and sing him 'Unpredictable' and he's happy.

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Also please send us your pictures of babies you know (or don't know) showing some love for Honor Society.


Music for kids (and pandas) of all ages.

- Jason



Tomorrow marks our first concert back in 2008.

We took the past two months to celebrate family, friends, the new year and begin a big push. HONOR SOCIETY is stronger than ever before and I honestly think it will come across in the upcoming shows.

Please come out and support us. We would love to see you guys out.

- The Alexander


I just reviewed the hair poll and it looks as if the longish voters are going to win out on this one...

I am trying the best I can to expedite the process, but hair does take a while to grow out - and right now I am in that in between phase where I have no clue what to do with it. I call it my Emilio Estevez stage.

Quack it up Bombay.

Also, we just announced two brand new shows (both all ages). The first is next Friday at the Main Stage in Pompton Lakes. The other is on the 23rd down at the Stone Pony. We would love to see you out there - mainly because of all the new material. I know Jason told you all about his instrument switch up, but he is not the only one... Andrew has added a little bit of keyboards to his set up and I am triggering some huge drum sounds to give a real polished feel.

We are all stoked to do it up big for you guys. Hope to see you there.

- The Alexander


Hey Jay, what do ya play?

We had a very productive band meeting tonight (duh.) We are super excited to get back out and play for you guys again. We have completely updated our live show. You can expect to hear (and see) some kick ass NEW material, and also the old favorites revamped...

I've dubbed it: HONOR SOCIETY (version 2.0)

For one thing I will be playing some guitar on a few songs..

(A little backstory)
I grew up playing mostly piano (starting at around age 6). My grandma bought us an upright piano and I was drawn to it immediately. I would play for hours at a time, and through the years (and some early lessons) I became very proficient. (I remember getting a Casio keyboard one year and it was the coolest thing I'd ever heard. So retro now).

Fast forward to age 13, all I wanted to play was drums. I'd play beats with two pens and hit notebooks during classes (I was a bit of a hyper kid). So anyway, through much begging to my parents, I got a drumset for my bar mitzvah (jews represent). I bashed on them for a few years (they are still currently in my parents basement).

Meanwhile I had taken up acoustic guitar at around 10 years old when my parents bought me this cheap toys r us guitar. (I had wanted an electric, but what can you do?)

In high school (at 14 years old) I picked up the bass. (My dad had always wanted to play, and I thought, 'what the hell, I'll give it a whirl') I played in many bands throughout my high school career. I became kind of the goto bass player at my school. At the end of it I was ready for a change..

When I was 18 I started to seriously play electric guitar. I took lessons with this guy Marty. (Mike also took lessons from him. He was something of a local legend in our town. All my musical buddies learned their rudimentary guitar chops from him). He taught me a lot.

Then once I hit college I studied both guitar and piano. I took classes for both instruments, and they became interchangeable for me.

So here I am today. I love to play keys and guitar (if only I could grow another set of arms I could play them both at the same time, hmm).

The point is I am SUPER pumped to be playing some electric guitar with the band, and I think you guys are gonna absolutely dig the new sound.. Enough said.


The Gentlemen's Club


See U In The Dark (Lyrics)


You were always the girl
Who would give me girl advice whenever I needed it
My best friend in the world
My friends thought you were fine but I was always denyin’ it

Then one summer day
I saw you sitting by your swimming pool
And I was thinking damn you really changed
You’re not the little girl I used to know
You opened up my eyes

I see you walk across my room in
Nothing but the moonlight
Cause I love to see you in the dark (see you in the dark)

My window, frames you like a Monet
So don’t come back to bed yet
Cause I love to see you in the dark (see you in the dark)

I’ll never see you the same
The veil has been lifted, now I see you’re gifted
My whole perspective has changed
I don’t wanna go back cause I will always desire it

Don’t take another step
Near me just in case we have regrets
If tomorrow we go back to being friends
I’ll think about the way you looked tonight
You opened up my eyes

Maybe if you were someone else
I wouldn’t have to feel like this
I’m wondering how you feel about me now
Or was this just a friendly kiss
Cause I’m really seeing you for the first time


No Fear

First of all I love this new blog site, because we can really talk to you guys in a way more personal manner.

I have to say HONOR SOCIETY feels better than ever to me. I feel like we're really hitting our stride as ARTISTS. Its no secret this industry is tough but 2007 was all about growth for us, and sometimes difficult growth. We wrote some amazing songs and had some great shows. But the demos that were done (the songs you all listen to on our myspace page etc..) have been a small sore spot for us. Those demos were really only meant to be 'songwriting demos' which bands and songwriters will do to just make a draft of the song. We're not embarrased by them at all, but some people get the wrong picture that we're ONLY a pop group. I am the first person to never, ever, deny loving great pop music or that pop is a completely equal ingredient in our sound, but those demos are so one dimensional and as an artist and a band that can be frustrating.

Even though so many of our fans have embraced the demos, we feel like they're not the true representation of our complete sound. ANYONE who has seen us live know the deal. They know that those demos are a pale comparison to what we're capable of. That's why we want to see more of you at our shows so we can show you what we got.

This year we have no fear and we've already been revamping our songs like Kiss Me Like You Mean It, No Win Situation, Why Didn't I, and Unpredictable to sound more current the way we want them to sound. Don't worry they will still sound excatly like the songs you guys love, but as artists we're really 'producing' the songs for our upcoming live shows.

Not to mention we are absolutely stoked about our two new songs:

"Soldier" was written as a prequel to "Kiss Me Like You Mean It" dealing with the actual indiscretion the main character goes through that leads to the song "Kiss Me" where his girlfriend can tell just by his kiss that he's been a bad boy..[I'll let you guys debate if its real or embelleshed : )]

"See You In The Dark" is a MEGA-HOT song that deals with when a friend you've known forever becomes more than that, even if just for one night.

Lastly, I want to give major props to our drummer Alex. He's been with us since August 2007 and he has been terrific. Me, Jay and Andy are like brothers, and it was absolutely a miracle that Alex not only came into the band, but has been such a solid fit. He's a stand up guy, a dope drummer, and a new brother. Alex like the rest of us is 100% HONOR SOCIETY.

anyway thats just some stuff thats been on my heart and brain.


Voting Is Ending Friday


Voting for Musiqtone.com's year-end awards ends THIS Friday, Jan 25th at 11pm.

Go to: http://musiqtone.com/musiqwards/voterschoice.php and ROCK THE VOTE for HONOR SOCIETY

Lets hook it up and do it. We are very close to taking home the top spot for indie artist of the year and we want it bad.


- Honor Society



I have just reviewed the voting and almost 75% of you guys want the longish hair back, but it is not over.

I also had one write in ballot for frosted tips and a rat tail... any thoughts?

So far it looks like I am going to have to do some serious scalp excercises and see if I can't grow it out "mondo-big-time".

I also have heard that there are some new shows in the works for February - keep it locked right here.

- Alexander

p.s. - be on the lookout for the Honor Society version of the Soulja Boy. if you have any other youtube material ideas we will try to make it happen.


Hair Styles

Alright all you Honor Societites,

This is our first poll...

What should Alexander's hair look like?
This is a collection of his various looks - take a look and rock the vote.
He will comply with your demands, so choose wisely.

Super Long





Honor Society Blog

Hey everybody,

We decided to start this blog up to keep all of you up to date on all of things that we are doing this year.

We promise big things - and we are all definately looking forward to delivering.

In the upcoming days, weeks and months you will see a bunch of new interactive elements on this page, including our first poll question of 2008: What should Alex do with his hair? Check it out. Vote - but understand his hair rests in the balance.

We are also going to use this page to post videos, our personal thoughts, pictures from shows etc.

Obviously this page is for you the fans. So with that in mind. If you have any ideas for this page. Let us know and we will try our best to make it happen.

Alright. Be good. Happy New Year.

- Honor Society