Studio Wheels Turning...

Ok the caricature was pretty lame, as you can see below. Mike was right, we did end up with one of the worst caricature artists that Times Square has to offer. Oh well. I can say that the picture is hung up in the studio right now, providing us with some inspiration as we record.

Yesterday we had another tremendously successful studio session. We were focusing on guitar parts. Mike got his Strat game tight, he played all his parts and they sound sick. The songs are really starting to take shape. I'm telling you that you're gonna FLIP when you hear these new recordings. I think it sounds better then anything we've ever done.

Tonight we have a show at the Space in CT. It should be fun. We are very much in recording mode now, so it's kinda cool to step outside the confines of the studio and get out and rock for the people.

Happy first day of Spring.

- Jason

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