LI this weekend... G.A. tomorrow

This just in: We are playing this Saturday (August 23rd) in LI. People have been asking us for months and months to play in LI. Well, now is your chance to see it happen. We are going to deliver for you the full HONOR SOCIETY experience. I mean, no Duh.

Also, we have a new Gentlemen's Club in the works. It's going to be seriously funny. I don't want to spoil any surprises.. but there may or may not be a little bit of skin showing, thats for sure. Uh oh! The NEW episode will be debuting exclusively on our official fan site very soon, so check back for updates in the next few days...

Plus, tomorrow we are planning to go on a Great Adventure! I mean.. we're invading the theme park, also known as Six Flags. So if you see us upside down on a giant roller coaster tomorrow, come by and say hello! Even better, wear your 'See U In The Dark' shirt, so we know it's you. Duh.


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