It's gettin' hot in here

Is it HOT enough outside for you. Today is going to reach a record 98 degrees! It's a HEAT wave for sure... I just walked outside for about 20 minutes, around Washington Square Park, and by the end of it I was ready to either go for a swim or pass out. You can almost taste the thick humidity in your mouth as your lungs fill up with a rich, dry layer of hot air. Luckily there are such things (invented by geniuses) as iced coffee to refresh your tongue and add needed caffeine to your movements.

Days like today I also really appreciate another marvel of our modern world - air conditioners (yet another invention created by geniuses). Those big hunks of metal and electrical circuitry, cooling our atmospheric environment, create a livable (and enjoyable) realm to dwell in. On days like today it's imperative to stop every few blocks in a store with air conditioning pumping to keep you fueled for your remaining journey. It's like a swimmer coming up for oxygen as they do their long marathon swim through the elements - living for those short slurps of air.

Having the proper attire is an essential, but you must always maintain your cool. Duh. The right pair of shades and shorts and you are ready to bear the suns relentless rays. Of course you could walk inside a chilly American Apparel store for a minute to cool yourself down... just be careful not to get caught shopping while inside.

-Jason and the HOT gentlemen of HONOR SOCIETY

ps Speaking of HOT, the new Gentlemen's Club is premiering this Wed. June 11th at 8pm.


Katya Garcia said...

know what else would help with the heat?

if you guys hid your beautiful faces. haha get it? cause youre so hot. haha. sorry, i had to. but dont hide your faces, i love looking at them haha.

Veronica & Kait said...

Hehehe. You guys are killer. Stay cool you HOT Gentlemen.

Jillian said...

98 degrees? thats amatur! where i live in australia (its coastal by the way) we can get days as hot as 120....and we still have to be at school...lol

another way us aussies cool off is to eat ice cream...sounds perfect, but soft serve ice cream is the best!!!

im glad you guys are having such a "hot" summer, and here it is freezibng with 45 degree temperatures....

Talk to you soon
Jillian xxoo