Love in this Club

Hey, so we're here at the recording studio and day dreaming of you, duh. We've been working so hard on all three songs because we want to blow your minds. I think we're close.

But seriously when these three songs come out its gonna be boss. If you liked or loved HONOR SOCIETY before you're about to be in danger of obsession, good thing its almost summer. We'll be releasing our home addresses soon for cute stalkers.

In the meantime we are also scheming a new "Gentlemen's Club" which as you know we're always trying to take to a new level. We won't stop till we're filming on a yacht ;)

Bottom line: you all are amazing, this band has come so far in the last six months its crazy, and we want the next six to top that..so stick with us, we won't let you down.

Gimmie a D! Gimmie a U! Gimmie an H! What's that spell!?! HONOR SOCIETY

The Varsity Captains of HONOR SOCIETY


leneli said...

rotfl. shows soon, too, i hope!

Alyson :D said...

What a coincidence! I was at work daydreaming of y'all! Lol just kidding, it just fit oh so well!! ;)

Southern shows are the best idea in the world. Thought you should know!

kat said...

can't wait to commence my stalking!

Music and More said...

humm yeah i was thinking im already obsessed...lol...not even kidding...anyway maybe more touring like in OHIO????? just a thought.lol....