Jonas Questions

More and more eyes are coming on HONOR SOCIETY, and we have to thank all of the fans for their support in making this grow sooo incredibly fast.

One question/issue that seems to be continually rehashed is the question of 'Why did Alexander leave the Jonas Brothers?' or 'Is there beef between the two bands?'

All of this needs to be squashed.

I was the original drummer for the Jonas Brothers from May 2005 until Thanksgiving time 2006. It was a great year and a half run for my career, but it is time to reveal why I left the band and put the rumors to bed.

Artistically, I was unhappy playing in that band. That's it.

I was simply a hired drummer, who played the Jonas' songs - which was awesome, but I really needed to leave and find my own voice, my own band, my own project. HONOR SOCIETY is that project - I am able to be an artist with NO labels, managers or band members holding me back creatively.

I got into music to create... not to duplicate. That is why I left the band, and that is why I am now a member of HONOR SOCIETY.

I still talk with, and hang out with Nick, Joe and Kevin whenever they come to the city and we are all still friends. They fully understand my position and have encouraged me every step of the way. I find it very funny, when people suggest there is beef between us.

The only beef between us, is the 20 oz. Rib-Eye that Nick eats whenever we go out to dinner. Period.

- Alexander

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Ally Skinner said...

well that's good.
i figured that there was no problem between the two bands. i'm glad there's not though.
love the new cd, by the way. why didn't i is one of my new favorite songs..

when are you guys going to release a full album??
and when are you coming to Orange County, CA?????