Epic by nature

Last Saturday we, the band HONOR SOCIETY that you know and love, embarked on an epic photoshoot, the likes which you have never seen before. The conditions were perfect as we drove up for another photographic odyssey.

We drove two hours from New York to Rhode Island. Once we arrived, we parked ourselves inside a cabana on the beach, right next to the ocean. It was bright and sunny, the sky was magnificent and blue. The day couldn't have been more perfect.

First, we took photos all along the cabana, and then we walked into the small beach town that sits next to the beach and shot some more. (They have yummy treats all around like salt water taffy and delicious home made ice cream, both of which we sampled).

This little beach town is also home to the oldest carousel in America. It has wooden horses on chains that spin around a central wooden cylinder, which had drum and pipe organ adornments. We stood in the center and snapped some shots of us as the horses whirled by.

Next, we headed to the docks and shot some pics next to the water. All of the sudden, this amazing fog rolled into town. It was like a bonfire had been set off and the smoke just filled up all around us. It felt like we were on a movie set.

The scene was set for the second half of our shoot. We descended onto the beach area, with instruments in toe. Alex had his drum kit set up in the sand. The beach emptied due to the lack of direct sun light, and the incredible fog made it look like we were on some marooned island. So for the next hour or so we took advantage of this fog anomaly as our amazing photographer, Richie, snapped tons of epic images.

Needless to say, we are SO amped about these new photos and can't wait for you guys to see them. Check back soon for a sneak peak of some of the shots...



Break it down one more time

Our eyes and ears have been swirling with ideas. We are going to bring YOU that non-stop rock and roll pop thunder to YOUR town pronto. (Get ready for it) You can be sure that there is going to be some HOTNESS in your neck of the woods this summer. Stay tuned for BIG tour news soon.

First off though, we had to unfortunately postpone our show at Toquet Hall in CT. It WILL be rescheduled for early July, so look out for that one... Meanwhile July 5th is closing in on us, it's a week from this Saturday. The Knitting Factory is going to light up with fireworks HONOR SOCIETY style! Be there. Duh.

We are planning a killer set of tunes, mixing up the set order, adding some new arrangements, and quite possibly some new songs... You KNOW when you come out to one of our shows its going to be a party! We mean business. Duh and Duh.

Peace and goodnight,


ps For your viewing pleasure.


We're just getting started

Lot's of updates. Lemme get you up to speed...

We are doing another live web chat this Friday night at 7pm. Click on Justin.tv to check it out. We have done a few of these already and they have been eventful. This one will not disappoint. Just take a look at this highlight from our last chat. It's a special song by the one and only Frozone. Priceless.

Next Wednesday June 25th we have a show at Toquet Hall. We are excited to get back out to CT. It's going to be a fun one. Speaking of more shows, we also announced another Knitting Factory show for Saturday, July 5th. We had such a great time when we played there a few weeks ago for our EP release show. I predict this show is going to be another HOT one (bring your glowsticks). Duh.

And last but not least, we are featured in two music magazines this month! First there is POPSTAR magazine. We did an interview with Katie & Karleigh a few months ago that is reprinted inside. We are also the featured artist of the summer in a magazine called JOBROMANCE. There is a 5 page interview filled with some great band pictures. Just goto the site and download the .zip file to view the article.

That's it for now. We're gonna hit u with some BIG touring news soon, so stay tuned. Duh.

-The summer boys of HONOR SOCIETY


Magic and Musk

Check out our NEWEST installment in the Gentlemen's Club series.. In this episode you will find many magical surprises. Enjoy.



It's gettin' hot in here

Is it HOT enough outside for you. Today is going to reach a record 98 degrees! It's a HEAT wave for sure... I just walked outside for about 20 minutes, around Washington Square Park, and by the end of it I was ready to either go for a swim or pass out. You can almost taste the thick humidity in your mouth as your lungs fill up with a rich, dry layer of hot air. Luckily there are such things (invented by geniuses) as iced coffee to refresh your tongue and add needed caffeine to your movements.

Days like today I also really appreciate another marvel of our modern world - air conditioners (yet another invention created by geniuses). Those big hunks of metal and electrical circuitry, cooling our atmospheric environment, create a livable (and enjoyable) realm to dwell in. On days like today it's imperative to stop every few blocks in a store with air conditioning pumping to keep you fueled for your remaining journey. It's like a swimmer coming up for oxygen as they do their long marathon swim through the elements - living for those short slurps of air.

Having the proper attire is an essential, but you must always maintain your cool. Duh. The right pair of shades and shorts and you are ready to bear the suns relentless rays. Of course you could walk inside a chilly American Apparel store for a minute to cool yourself down... just be careful not to get caught shopping while inside.

-Jason and the HOT gentlemen of HONOR SOCIETY

ps Speaking of HOT, the new Gentlemen's Club is premiering this Wed. June 11th at 8pm.


Let the games begin

Last Saturday was a KO! Thanks for coming out and partying with us. We were so psyched to be playing our EP release show at the Knitting Factory. It was a HUGE success! Here at the HONOR SOCIETY camp there is a sense of accomplishment after putting our blood, sweat and tears into making this album (and show) a reality.

All these things considered though, we are not a band to slow down even slightly. We have many new 'tricks up our sleeves' just waiting in the wings.. On tap for June (and the summer beyond) are:

-NEW Gentlemen's Club episodes (They are going to make you laugh yourself into a tizzy. Oh, what!? Duh).
-NEW songs (This Bed is an Ocean, The Letter and more...)
-NEW behind the EP documentary
-NEW photos and a music video

Not to mention LOT'S more live shows!! Stay tuned for more details on another NYC show planned for mid-June.

It's going to be a crazy hot summer with your favorite gentlemen. So break out your sunblock, Raybans and short-shorts. It's time to get a tan, HONOR SOCIETY style.

-Jason and the HONOR SOCIETY volley ball squad

p.s Check out this video of an acoustic version of our new song. We da BEST baby.