Bean Town Boys

This past weekend we descended upon the great state of Massachusetts, and more specifically the town of Boston. It was another epic weekend of shows.. but let me go back to Friday night first and get you up to speed.

We did a live web chat on justin.tv. It was totally cool, and we announced a lot of incredible up coming events including... August 5th at the Knitting Factory. We are throwing the BIGGEST party on the summer! That's right.. you can expect to see some very special appearances by people in the August issue of POPSTAR magazine! We even posted a blog on their website about the show, inviting all readers of the mag to attend. Check it out:

Then Saturday morning at the crack of dawn we took off to the east and played an 'Under the Sun' show in Boston. The next day we did one more 'Under the Sun' show. They were both amazing. Thanks to everyone at these parties who made them both so special. We can't do this without you guys. You rock! Duh.

Tonight we are busy rehearsing for next Tuesdays show. It is only one week away! I can assure you that we are busy planning some musical surprises including a brand NEW song called 'Two Rebels.' It's gonna be beyond epic.. it's gonna be colossal.


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