Hey Jay, what do ya play?

We had a very productive band meeting tonight (duh.) We are super excited to get back out and play for you guys again. We have completely updated our live show. You can expect to hear (and see) some kick ass NEW material, and also the old favorites revamped...

I've dubbed it: HONOR SOCIETY (version 2.0)

For one thing I will be playing some guitar on a few songs..

(A little backstory)
I grew up playing mostly piano (starting at around age 6). My grandma bought us an upright piano and I was drawn to it immediately. I would play for hours at a time, and through the years (and some early lessons) I became very proficient. (I remember getting a Casio keyboard one year and it was the coolest thing I'd ever heard. So retro now).

Fast forward to age 13, all I wanted to play was drums. I'd play beats with two pens and hit notebooks during classes (I was a bit of a hyper kid). So anyway, through much begging to my parents, I got a drumset for my bar mitzvah (jews represent). I bashed on them for a few years (they are still currently in my parents basement).

Meanwhile I had taken up acoustic guitar at around 10 years old when my parents bought me this cheap toys r us guitar. (I had wanted an electric, but what can you do?)

In high school (at 14 years old) I picked up the bass. (My dad had always wanted to play, and I thought, 'what the hell, I'll give it a whirl') I played in many bands throughout my high school career. I became kind of the goto bass player at my school. At the end of it I was ready for a change..

When I was 18 I started to seriously play electric guitar. I took lessons with this guy Marty. (Mike also took lessons from him. He was something of a local legend in our town. All my musical buddies learned their rudimentary guitar chops from him). He taught me a lot.

Then once I hit college I studied both guitar and piano. I took classes for both instruments, and they became interchangeable for me.

So here I am today. I love to play keys and guitar (if only I could grow another set of arms I could play them both at the same time, hmm).

The point is I am SUPER pumped to be playing some electric guitar with the band, and I think you guys are gonna absolutely dig the new sound.. Enough said.


The Gentlemen's Club


See U In The Dark (Lyrics)


You were always the girl
Who would give me girl advice whenever I needed it
My best friend in the world
My friends thought you were fine but I was always denyin’ it

Then one summer day
I saw you sitting by your swimming pool
And I was thinking damn you really changed
You’re not the little girl I used to know
You opened up my eyes

I see you walk across my room in
Nothing but the moonlight
Cause I love to see you in the dark (see you in the dark)

My window, frames you like a Monet
So don’t come back to bed yet
Cause I love to see you in the dark (see you in the dark)

I’ll never see you the same
The veil has been lifted, now I see you’re gifted
My whole perspective has changed
I don’t wanna go back cause I will always desire it

Don’t take another step
Near me just in case we have regrets
If tomorrow we go back to being friends
I’ll think about the way you looked tonight
You opened up my eyes

Maybe if you were someone else
I wouldn’t have to feel like this
I’m wondering how you feel about me now
Or was this just a friendly kiss
Cause I’m really seeing you for the first time


No Fear

First of all I love this new blog site, because we can really talk to you guys in a way more personal manner.

I have to say HONOR SOCIETY feels better than ever to me. I feel like we're really hitting our stride as ARTISTS. Its no secret this industry is tough but 2007 was all about growth for us, and sometimes difficult growth. We wrote some amazing songs and had some great shows. But the demos that were done (the songs you all listen to on our myspace page etc..) have been a small sore spot for us. Those demos were really only meant to be 'songwriting demos' which bands and songwriters will do to just make a draft of the song. We're not embarrased by them at all, but some people get the wrong picture that we're ONLY a pop group. I am the first person to never, ever, deny loving great pop music or that pop is a completely equal ingredient in our sound, but those demos are so one dimensional and as an artist and a band that can be frustrating.

Even though so many of our fans have embraced the demos, we feel like they're not the true representation of our complete sound. ANYONE who has seen us live know the deal. They know that those demos are a pale comparison to what we're capable of. That's why we want to see more of you at our shows so we can show you what we got.

This year we have no fear and we've already been revamping our songs like Kiss Me Like You Mean It, No Win Situation, Why Didn't I, and Unpredictable to sound more current the way we want them to sound. Don't worry they will still sound excatly like the songs you guys love, but as artists we're really 'producing' the songs for our upcoming live shows.

Not to mention we are absolutely stoked about our two new songs:

"Soldier" was written as a prequel to "Kiss Me Like You Mean It" dealing with the actual indiscretion the main character goes through that leads to the song "Kiss Me" where his girlfriend can tell just by his kiss that he's been a bad boy..[I'll let you guys debate if its real or embelleshed : )]

"See You In The Dark" is a MEGA-HOT song that deals with when a friend you've known forever becomes more than that, even if just for one night.

Lastly, I want to give major props to our drummer Alex. He's been with us since August 2007 and he has been terrific. Me, Jay and Andy are like brothers, and it was absolutely a miracle that Alex not only came into the band, but has been such a solid fit. He's a stand up guy, a dope drummer, and a new brother. Alex like the rest of us is 100% HONOR SOCIETY.

anyway thats just some stuff thats been on my heart and brain.


Voting Is Ending Friday


Voting for Musiqtone.com's year-end awards ends THIS Friday, Jan 25th at 11pm.

Go to: http://musiqtone.com/musiqwards/voterschoice.php and ROCK THE VOTE for HONOR SOCIETY

Lets hook it up and do it. We are very close to taking home the top spot for indie artist of the year and we want it bad.


- Honor Society



I have just reviewed the voting and almost 75% of you guys want the longish hair back, but it is not over.

I also had one write in ballot for frosted tips and a rat tail... any thoughts?

So far it looks like I am going to have to do some serious scalp excercises and see if I can't grow it out "mondo-big-time".

I also have heard that there are some new shows in the works for February - keep it locked right here.

- Alexander

p.s. - be on the lookout for the Honor Society version of the Soulja Boy. if you have any other youtube material ideas we will try to make it happen.


Hair Styles

Alright all you Honor Societites,

This is our first poll...

What should Alexander's hair look like?
This is a collection of his various looks - take a look and rock the vote.
He will comply with your demands, so choose wisely.

Super Long





Honor Society Blog

Hey everybody,

We decided to start this blog up to keep all of you up to date on all of things that we are doing this year.

We promise big things - and we are all definately looking forward to delivering.

In the upcoming days, weeks and months you will see a bunch of new interactive elements on this page, including our first poll question of 2008: What should Alex do with his hair? Check it out. Vote - but understand his hair rests in the balance.

We are also going to use this page to post videos, our personal thoughts, pictures from shows etc.

Obviously this page is for you the fans. So with that in mind. If you have any ideas for this page. Let us know and we will try our best to make it happen.

Alright. Be good. Happy New Year.

- Honor Society