See U In The Dark - Lyrics

By popular demand. Read them. Memorize them. We want to see YOU singing with us at our next show. Duh.

You were always the girl
Who would give me girl advice
Whenever I needed it

You're my best friend in the world
My friends thought you were fine
But I was always denying it

Then one summer day
I saw you laying by your swimming pool
And I was thinking damn you really changed
You're not the little girl i used to know
You opened up my eyes

I see you walk across my room in
Nothing but the moonlight
Now I love to see u in the dark
See u in the dark

My window frames you like a Monet
So don't come back to bed yet
Cause I love to see u in the dark
See u in the dark

My whole perspective has changed
The veil has been lifted
Now I see you're gifted

I'll never see you the same
Don't think I can go back
Cause I will always desire it

Don't take another step
Towards me just in case we have regrets
If tomorrow we go back to being friends
I'll think about the way you look tonight
You opened up my eyes

Maybe if you were someone else
It wouldn't have to be like this
I'm wondering how you feel about me now
Was it just a friendly kiss, yeah
Cause I'm seeing you for the first time


Anonymous said...

So is it just those lyrics,
or did it get a little hot in here?
<3 Tracy


we like to keep about 105 farenheight. duh

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Tiffani Starr said...

so i really enjoy dig like love lust for those lyrics good job<33