In the business of business

so things are getting crazy, everything is elevating: creativity, pressure, expenses, deadlines, its alot to handle.

Things are going well right now and it's funny it sounds cliche but alot of times when i'm down, making our music makes me feel so much better. I can be stressed about so many things and we get in the studio and it all goes away. Its awesome. That's how I know we're on to something because I'm just like you guys, a music fan, and our music gives me a great feeling.

On the creative side we've already started messing with ideas for a new Gentlemen's Club and no joke we have an idea for an animated series starring us! How sick would that be!?!

anyway its Friday, go turn up HONOR SOCIETY while you're getting ready and then go have FUN!


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Veronica & Kait said...

when are you lovely boys coming close to indianapolis? maybe sometime after we graduate, my friends and i can go on a good 'ol road trip to a show =]