So its 8am in Indiana right now and I'm sitting in the lobby of a Super 8 hotel. Alex, Jason, Andrew & Kat are all sleeping right now but I'm up because I'm so amped to tell you guys how the tour is going.

Its been epic so far!!!

We ROCKED a party last night in Illinois with our performance BUT we also taught the first group of fans our new dance, the hottest dance in the streets, "The Honor Roll".

It's sick ...and by sick I mean extremely sick.

We'll be making an instructional Youtube video this week so the whole world can learn it, love it and do it at our show in NYC on August 5th, we want it to be bigger than Souljah Boy's dance so start stretching.

Now we're off to Southern Indiana for another 'Under the Stars' performance.

Thank you to all our fans supporting us right now, you have no worries, we're keeping it handsome, fun, and gentlemanly, duh.

Your Summer Crush,

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Victoire said...

Can't wait to learn the dance! lol