A Tale of Risky Business

Drum roll please... The EP is done! We worked long and hard to complete it, and it is all wrapped up. It has been a whirlwind, and at some points I thought we wouldn't be able to pull it all together. In the end we got it all done, and let me tell you it was down to the wire.

Those moment's when I thought, 'This is impossible, it will never happen' are the ones when we really banded together and got things done. We pulled together as only HONOR SOCIETY can, and delivered in a BIG way.

The music on this EP is the best we've ever created, hands down. The title of our EP is, A Tale of Risky Business, and for me it really sums everything up. The past few months have been jam packed with us growing and changing as a band, becoming stronger and more focused on what we want to accomplish. It's a risk you take to put yourself out there sometimes, but you know what they say, without risk there is no reward.

Here is a sneak peak at the track listing:

1. The Mystery of the Vanishing Girl (prologue)
2. See U In The Dark
3. And For Our Next Trick... (interlude)
4. Why Didn't I?
5. Risky Business (interlude)
6. The Takeover
7. The Haunt (epilogue)

The art for our CD wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Andrew. He literally put it all together and made it happen.. So a big kudos to Andrew. This is the final result:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Next up we are getting back into the rehearsal arena and shedding for our upcomding EP release show on May 31st. We have some NEW surprises planned, and if all goes well a brand new song to debut! It's going to be ridiculously awesome. Duh.

-Jason and the HONOR SOCIETY crew


Anonymous said...

Which one of you gentlemanly animals "sheds" the most? See u on the 31st.

Veronica & Kait said...

i meant to ask, why is ANDY driving the damn boat!?