Gentlemen in the Studio with Cats

We are SO pumped about our new recordings.. Everything is progressing quite nicely. It's been such a treat to give these songs the FULL studio treatment. (It's about time really). For the last month we've pooled all our creative energy together and have come up with something truly wonderful I am proud to say.

People have asked us, 'What's it like in the studio?' Well, a typical day in the studio could run about 10 hours or more. It's in these long sessions that a good chunk of the tracking gets done. Many times I find myself sipping on some freshly brewed java beans (aka coffee) to keep me moving. Andrew has said that it helps my fingers dance across the keyboards. I tend to agree.

When you sit in a room with four other people things can sometimes get... congested. It's a fun little experiment to see who will crack first and go nutty at some point!? One time Alex got so claustrophobic down in the studio he had to go run laps around the block for an hour! Haha. But in full seriousness we are HONOR SOCIETY so we keep our cool. Duh.

Another feature of our studio experience has been the cat factor. Chris Theis, our producer we are working with, has two cats that roam around the studio at any given point. You might by chance get up for a minute to get a drink and come back only to find your seat stolen by a C-A-T!

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ps No cats were harmed during the making of this EP. Duh.


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Cats (and Kats) rule