Another song writing session went down today and (once again) we have tapped into something seriously serious.

I am serious.

- The Alexander

post script - I am totally going to try and drop intermediate accounting tomorrow - i hope you all support me in this decision.


Sneak Peak

I'm not supposed to do this but I'm leaking a picture from our photoshoot last week. Rich Janiello of Ciro photography did an incredible job. This picture is the tip of the tip of the iceberg....duh.


Smallest Fan of the Band

Ladies and gentlemen,

I present to you the youngest Honor Society devotee. Born in Manhattan, this pint sized rock and roller wants nothing more then to listen to 'Kiss Me Like You Mean It' on heavy rotation in his crib (either that or 'No Win Situation'). He was spotted recently wearing an official Honor Society onesie. Check it out:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If you see this baby (who happens to be my nephew, Zachary) at one of our shows give him a high five! He can hang late night, just give him a bottle and sing him 'Unpredictable' and he's happy.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Also please send us your pictures of babies you know (or don't know) showing some love for Honor Society.


Music for kids (and pandas) of all ages.

- Jason



Tomorrow marks our first concert back in 2008.

We took the past two months to celebrate family, friends, the new year and begin a big push. HONOR SOCIETY is stronger than ever before and I honestly think it will come across in the upcoming shows.

Please come out and support us. We would love to see you guys out.

- The Alexander


I just reviewed the hair poll and it looks as if the longish voters are going to win out on this one...

I am trying the best I can to expedite the process, but hair does take a while to grow out - and right now I am in that in between phase where I have no clue what to do with it. I call it my Emilio Estevez stage.

Quack it up Bombay.

Also, we just announced two brand new shows (both all ages). The first is next Friday at the Main Stage in Pompton Lakes. The other is on the 23rd down at the Stone Pony. We would love to see you out there - mainly because of all the new material. I know Jason told you all about his instrument switch up, but he is not the only one... Andrew has added a little bit of keyboards to his set up and I am triggering some huge drum sounds to give a real polished feel.

We are all stoked to do it up big for you guys. Hope to see you there.

- The Alexander