Break it down one more time

Our eyes and ears have been swirling with ideas. We are going to bring YOU that non-stop rock and roll pop thunder to YOUR town pronto. (Get ready for it) You can be sure that there is going to be some HOTNESS in your neck of the woods this summer. Stay tuned for BIG tour news soon.

First off though, we had to unfortunately postpone our show at Toquet Hall in CT. It WILL be rescheduled for early July, so look out for that one... Meanwhile July 5th is closing in on us, it's a week from this Saturday. The Knitting Factory is going to light up with fireworks HONOR SOCIETY style! Be there. Duh.

We are planning a killer set of tunes, mixing up the set order, adding some new arrangements, and quite possibly some new songs... You KNOW when you come out to one of our shows its going to be a party! We mean business. Duh and Duh.

Peace and goodnight,


ps For your viewing pleasure.

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