Tonight was very disappointing.

We found out at nine that we finished second in famecast voting.

I personally have several beefs with the famecast system and most online "talent search" websites. They always seem to change the rules halfway through the competition to favor certain acts over others - which is exactly what happened. When we signed up for famecast we were told that after finishing in the top five we would be competing in a live show (an even playing field) against the other bands. Instead they changed it to a voting format - who ever has the highest volume of fans - that is not a contest of talent. That is a contest of money. So here is a big fuck you to famecast (except Luke, who has some of the greatest tattoos in the history of the world) and an even bigger thank you to all of you that voted. You have been such an inspiration to all of us and we would not be able to do this without all of you.

The chip on my shoulder is a foot deep and only getting larger.

While I am very frustrated and angry, I am also very thankful to see such an incredible outpour of support both for the band and for our band-family. I can not thank our street team enough - Kat, Joyce, Rebecca and of course Steph... Thank you.

Thank you all for your support, this will not stop us... only make us more determined.

- Alexander


Upcoming Shows

HONOR SOCIETITES we have a whole garbage load of new shows that are coming up in April and we would love to see you guys there...

New songs, new surprises, maybe new haircuts - what else do you really want.

- Alexander


Trials of the Past Week

As many of you know, collectively as HONOR SOCIETY and individually as Michael, Jason, Andrew and Alexander, we lost our very close friend Steph over this past week.

Steph was not only one of our biggest supporters, but one of our best friends and closest advisors. I have personally known Steph for well over three years, when we both worked for the Jonas Brothers, and was thrilled to know that she was going to be working on the HONOR SOCIETY project. She was a joy to be around and we will all miss her deeply. It is a true tragedy and we obviously lend our thoughts and prayers to her family in this time of crisis.

We are all heartbroken over this loss and have unanimously decided to dedicate our upcoming EP in her memory.

Thank you Steph for all the memories. You will be missed but not forgotten.

- Alexander and the guys from HONOR SOCIETY


Edison Studio Pics

Here are some pictures from last Saturday.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us




Studio Wheels Turning...

Ok the caricature was pretty lame, as you can see below. Mike was right, we did end up with one of the worst caricature artists that Times Square has to offer. Oh well. I can say that the picture is hung up in the studio right now, providing us with some inspiration as we record.

Yesterday we had another tremendously successful studio session. We were focusing on guitar parts. Mike got his Strat game tight, he played all his parts and they sound sick. The songs are really starting to take shape. I'm telling you that you're gonna FLIP when you hear these new recordings. I think it sounds better then anything we've ever done.

Tonight we have a show at the Space in CT. It should be fun. We are very much in recording mode now, so it's kinda cool to step outside the confines of the studio and get out and rock for the people.

Happy first day of Spring.

- Jason


Recording/Scientology Protests & The world's worst caricature

Your favorite Gentlemen hit the studio yesterday for what's the start of a couple of weeks of recording. Here's the classy account:

It kicked off with me and Alex driving from the burbs to NYC right smack into the middle of a Scientology protest rally. no joke. Edison Studios is located right next to a huge church of Scientology. After converting some Scientology haters into HONOR SOCIETY fans we made our way into the studio.

The studio was sick, it's Lenny Kravitz's personal studio and we got work exclusively with one of his engineers, Chris Theis. We also got to use some of Lenny's own equipment like his bass and guitar amps.

Recording was awesome, it felt so great to play our songs with the passion and excitement that we all have for the music and then have it captured by such a pro in such a special studio. I'm seriously fighting tell you guys what we recorded but for now I'll keep it a surprise.

These recordings are gonna FINALLY rep HS in the way we've wanted for so long.

Lastly, on a short studio break yesterday jason and I decided to hit times square and get our caricature game up. The problem...we got the worst caricature guy in New York. We told him we were in a band and he decided to draw me holding a martini. wtf.

You can check out the picture right below in jason's blog about the studio, the 'frozone perspective' if you will.


Edison Recording Studio

Saturday we had a tremendous 12 hour recording session that is going to be a SOLID foundation for the new tracks! Edison studio is set amongst the backdrop of Broadway shows, in a 'mom and pop' hotel that was big in the jazz age of the 50's. The live room used to be a ballroom back in the day... Alexander set up his kit in the middle of the room and I played guitar to his right. Andy played some killer bass lines in front of Alex and me, while Mike added some inspired guitar and vocals in another booth. It was an amazing set up that allowed us to play all together at the same time. I'm telling you it sounds AMAZING already!
Next up we will be overdubbing instrumental and vocal parts for a few weeks. Stay tuned for more studio updates. For now, here is an interesting caricature of Mike and I. We got it in the madness of Times Square while taking a breather from the studio.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Apparently Mike is big on martinis!?

- Jason


The Gentlemen's Club Volume 3

Michael and Alexander practice some LAX, take a spin in their 1973 Porche, and then welcome a special guest for a fireside interview.




Online Merch

Hey Kids,

Like Alex said we have a bunch of new merch to share with you.. and now you can buy everything online via our myspace page! We have some sick posters to hang on your wall in your bedroom, or put up in your bathroom (nothing like brushing your teeth with Honor Society). Plus the first 50 sold are signed by all of us.. Don't miss out..

Also we have some stellar new buttons, adorned with each of our faces. So you can take us with you wherever you go.

Go get yours now. Duh.

- Jason


New Merch

I can not believe it,

I almost totally forgot to tell you all that... we have new merch.

At our upcoming show at the Space we will be debuting new pins, shirts and patches.

We would encourage you to purchase these items, as it will increase your cool factor exponentially. Other side effects include, but are not limited to (supreme joy, overwhelming backaches, brighter smiles and greater rockability/endurance)

All really good things.

Keep on the look out for all that good stuff posted in our new online merch store.


Honor Societites,

Your favorite part-time rockers and full-time panda wranglers are gearing up for a brand new studio recording.

During our shows this past month, many of you asked 'where do I buy a demo?' - and we simply deflected your questions by telling you that we were working on them. To fill that void in our relationship we have decided to dedicate our March to getting into the studio and grinding out some love for you all.

We will be recording three songs: See U In The Dark, The Takeover, and Why Didn't I - plus some secret bonus material too.

Wish us luck - we will not need it.


- Alexander


Behind the Photo

By now I'm sure you've all seen the photos that came about after our momentous shoot a few weeks ago. It was an incredible experience that we will never forget. There was one shot in particular that demanded a huge 'leap' for us.. well for one of us at least. Alexander dutifully volunteered to jump as high as he could for this once in a lifetime picture. There is no two ways about it, he was the right man for the job. Check it out:

And heres the final result.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


- Jason