It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out

HONOR SOCIETY lovers and friends, how are you?

First of all check out a professional artist's rendition of Michael and Alexander doing the 'Dirty Girl' above. 'Dirty Girl' is a Bobby Light song/production...duh.

So we've been in a pretty sick whirlwind lately. Last week we played a sold out 'old office' Knitting Factory show. The place was PACKED and we had a great time. Not mention the army of glo-sticks we got to witness rocking out to See U In The Dark.

Then Thursday we 'Rocked The Cause' at Marlboro High School in NJ with another pretty large and wild crowd. Major props to Marlboro HS and the lovely organizers who put it together.

Both shows made us feel like we're on the right tack and that we're doing something right because thankfully you guys are really responding to what we're doing. You're picking up what we're putting down if you will.

On the horizon for us is finishing our new recordings which we can't wait to have finished and by most of our myspace messages neither can YOU!

The reality is we're at an interesting point in our career right now. There's some major music business industry interest happening but its becoming attractive at the same time to do things more on our own...maybe Gentleman's Club Records is not too far from reality..;)

But don't you guys worry about that...just get amped for:


you get the idea....duh....you're HONOR SOCIETY fans so we know you're smart.

Good morning, Good afternoon, Goodnight
we love you,


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Allyson said...

So umm I LOVE that our picture is now in your blog!! I hope you liked it and werent to insulted by the horrible drawing lmao. That dry erase board kept us entertained on the train ride home from Rock the Cause.

You guys are amazing! Hopefully see you May 2nd!