Hey Jay, what do ya play?

We had a very productive band meeting tonight (duh.) We are super excited to get back out and play for you guys again. We have completely updated our live show. You can expect to hear (and see) some kick ass NEW material, and also the old favorites revamped...

I've dubbed it: HONOR SOCIETY (version 2.0)

For one thing I will be playing some guitar on a few songs..

(A little backstory)
I grew up playing mostly piano (starting at around age 6). My grandma bought us an upright piano and I was drawn to it immediately. I would play for hours at a time, and through the years (and some early lessons) I became very proficient. (I remember getting a Casio keyboard one year and it was the coolest thing I'd ever heard. So retro now).

Fast forward to age 13, all I wanted to play was drums. I'd play beats with two pens and hit notebooks during classes (I was a bit of a hyper kid). So anyway, through much begging to my parents, I got a drumset for my bar mitzvah (jews represent). I bashed on them for a few years (they are still currently in my parents basement).

Meanwhile I had taken up acoustic guitar at around 10 years old when my parents bought me this cheap toys r us guitar. (I had wanted an electric, but what can you do?)

In high school (at 14 years old) I picked up the bass. (My dad had always wanted to play, and I thought, 'what the hell, I'll give it a whirl') I played in many bands throughout my high school career. I became kind of the goto bass player at my school. At the end of it I was ready for a change..

When I was 18 I started to seriously play electric guitar. I took lessons with this guy Marty. (Mike also took lessons from him. He was something of a local legend in our town. All my musical buddies learned their rudimentary guitar chops from him). He taught me a lot.

Then once I hit college I studied both guitar and piano. I took classes for both instruments, and they became interchangeable for me.

So here I am today. I love to play keys and guitar (if only I could grow another set of arms I could play them both at the same time, hmm).

The point is I am SUPER pumped to be playing some electric guitar with the band, and I think you guys are gonna absolutely dig the new sound.. Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Jay I like what you wrote very sweet backstory on your rockin Rockland roots--but you forgot about your awesome trumpet days!?? shout out to Miss Minga? is that her name. She hated me.

Anonymous said...

hope to see you on the drums soon jay :)