People this is Epic

Ok things are getting to a tipping point.. Last Tuesday night we rocked the #@*% out of the Knitting Factory. It was another stellar evening for us. Duh. Would you expect anything less then that? No of course not. And we were so happy that our fans came from near and far to see us. There was some Boston girls representing, as well as our good friends Katy and Karleigh (and family) all the way from Eerie PA! So we want to thank all of you for making our show the bomb. For serious.
As if that night wasn't enough, there are other major developments taking place.. Let me first though take you back to last week. We finished another new song. It's called 'Two Rebels' Check it:

Oh also we had a mention on Perez Hilton! Our friends, The Jonas Brothers, came out to our Knitting Factory show. We were happy they came out and supported us, it really meant a lot. Then last Friday we were at their Jones Beach show. There were cameras everywhere following them around for MTV, it was for a new web cast show. So we ended up on MTV! All in one week.. Not bad at all.

I am so tempted to tell you more, but for now I will just have to say goodbye. There are major forces at work right now that could very well change the course of all our lives, and the future of HONOR SOCIETY. It is so exciting and we cannot wait to share the news with all of you. Stay tuned...


ps Heres a montage of songs from our show that the good people at POPSTAR put together:

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