Our EP is almost done!

Hello you wonderful people. We are extremely busy right now finishing up our EP. It is sounding SO HOT that I cannot even begin to describe how excited we are. It has been a crazy process and the last week has been kind of a blur. I have been back and forth from Manhattan to our studio in NJ. I have logged many hours on the NJ transit train. I can tell you exactly what the stops are from Penn Station to Seacaucus (where we transfer) to our stop in Waldwick. You have stops such as Ramsey, Ho-Ho-Kus, Ridgewood etc. etc.
Yes the last week has been super crazy, but I KNOW we have something really special for you to hear. The artwork is also really cool. I don't want to give away too much, but let me say there is a mystery novel theme to it. There may or may not be lighthouses and anchors involved as well...
So our deadline is rapidly approaching to deliver the music and artwork to the CD duplication place. There is no way to have a EP release show without EP's! Duh. Which by the way, our show is NOW on May 31st at the Knitting Factory, Main Stage. We go on at 8pm. It's going to be fun getting back on the stage again.
Anyway it's Saturday, but it could be a Thursday. Each day seems like the one before. It's crunch time, but I think sometimes the best work comes out of those situations when your up against the wall. Soon the fruits of our labor will be unleashed for everyone to enjoy. And then maybe I can relax.. for a minute at least.


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