Edison Recording Studio

Saturday we had a tremendous 12 hour recording session that is going to be a SOLID foundation for the new tracks! Edison studio is set amongst the backdrop of Broadway shows, in a 'mom and pop' hotel that was big in the jazz age of the 50's. The live room used to be a ballroom back in the day... Alexander set up his kit in the middle of the room and I played guitar to his right. Andy played some killer bass lines in front of Alex and me, while Mike added some inspired guitar and vocals in another booth. It was an amazing set up that allowed us to play all together at the same time. I'm telling you it sounds AMAZING already!
Next up we will be overdubbing instrumental and vocal parts for a few weeks. Stay tuned for more studio updates. For now, here is an interesting caricature of Mike and I. We got it in the madness of Times Square while taking a breather from the studio.

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Apparently Mike is big on martinis!?

- Jason

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