Bean Town Boys

This past weekend we descended upon the great state of Massachusetts, and more specifically the town of Boston. It was another epic weekend of shows.. but let me go back to Friday night first and get you up to speed.

We did a live web chat on justin.tv. It was totally cool, and we announced a lot of incredible up coming events including... August 5th at the Knitting Factory. We are throwing the BIGGEST party on the summer! That's right.. you can expect to see some very special appearances by people in the August issue of POPSTAR magazine! We even posted a blog on their website about the show, inviting all readers of the mag to attend. Check it out:

Then Saturday morning at the crack of dawn we took off to the east and played an 'Under the Sun' show in Boston. The next day we did one more 'Under the Sun' show. They were both amazing. Thanks to everyone at these parties who made them both so special. We can't do this without you guys. You rock! Duh.

Tonight we are busy rehearsing for next Tuesdays show. It is only one week away! I can assure you that we are busy planning some musical surprises including a brand NEW song called 'Two Rebels.' It's gonna be beyond epic.. it's gonna be colossal.



The Honor Roll

The hottest dance craze of the summer has hit the streets! If you haven't heard about the 'Honor Roll' yet you should watch this video below and learn it pronto. We want to see YOU dancing to See U In The Dark (rocking the honor roll on August 5th @ the Knitting Factory) with everyone in the audience. We will be picking one person who has perfected the dance moves for a special prize.. So watch this video, and practice the dance NOW. Duh.



So its 8am in Indiana right now and I'm sitting in the lobby of a Super 8 hotel. Alex, Jason, Andrew & Kat are all sleeping right now but I'm up because I'm so amped to tell you guys how the tour is going.

Its been epic so far!!!

We ROCKED a party last night in Illinois with our performance BUT we also taught the first group of fans our new dance, the hottest dance in the streets, "The Honor Roll".

It's sick ...and by sick I mean extremely sick.

We'll be making an instructional Youtube video this week so the whole world can learn it, love it and do it at our show in NYC on August 5th, we want it to be bigger than Souljah Boy's dance so start stretching.

Now we're off to Southern Indiana for another 'Under the Stars' performance.

Thank you to all our fans supporting us right now, you have no worries, we're keeping it handsome, fun, and gentlemanly, duh.

Your Summer Crush,


The Gentlemen of Summer

This summer is shaping up to be a huge leap forward for us, it's very exciting! Let me recap for you our most recent July developments. First of all, we had an epic show on July 5th. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it incredibly awesome, we couldn't have done it without you. And don't feel too bad if you might have missed it. We are officially booked to return to the Knitting Factory for another night of rocking and rolling.. (and dancing of course). Mark your calendars:

Tuesday, August 5th
HONOR SOCIETY @ Knitting Factory (Main Stage) 7pm

And if you thought the last show was sick... you haven't seen nothing yet. This next Knitting Factory show is gonna be bigger and better then the last. This is the event of the summer, so don't miss it. Duh.

Also, we had another great CT outing on July 10th. We did our thing again at Toquet Hall in Westport, CT. It was a fun one, and we met some dudes from a great band out of Boston called 'The Blue Pages.' They were really cool guys. (Check out their lead singer wearing an official 'See U In The Dark' shirt in their myspace default pic!)

Finally, last weekend we kicked off our 'Under The Sun / Under The Stars Tour 2008' in the good ol' state of New Jersey. Me and the boys drove out to the first stop on our party hoping tour.

Now, you might say to yourself, 'What exactly are you going to play when you come to my house?' Well, the answer is right below.. Enjoy, and see you on the road this summer,

-Jason and the HS traveling varsity players


Jonas Questions

More and more eyes are coming on HONOR SOCIETY, and we have to thank all of the fans for their support in making this grow sooo incredibly fast.

One question/issue that seems to be continually rehashed is the question of 'Why did Alexander leave the Jonas Brothers?' or 'Is there beef between the two bands?'

All of this needs to be squashed.

I was the original drummer for the Jonas Brothers from May 2005 until Thanksgiving time 2006. It was a great year and a half run for my career, but it is time to reveal why I left the band and put the rumors to bed.

Artistically, I was unhappy playing in that band. That's it.

I was simply a hired drummer, who played the Jonas' songs - which was awesome, but I really needed to leave and find my own voice, my own band, my own project. HONOR SOCIETY is that project - I am able to be an artist with NO labels, managers or band members holding me back creatively.

I got into music to create... not to duplicate. That is why I left the band, and that is why I am now a member of HONOR SOCIETY.

I still talk with, and hang out with Nick, Joe and Kevin whenever they come to the city and we are all still friends. They fully understand my position and have encouraged me every step of the way. I find it very funny, when people suggest there is beef between us.

The only beef between us, is the 20 oz. Rib-Eye that Nick eats whenever we go out to dinner. Period.

- Alexander