Epic by nature

Last Saturday we, the band HONOR SOCIETY that you know and love, embarked on an epic photoshoot, the likes which you have never seen before. The conditions were perfect as we drove up for another photographic odyssey.

We drove two hours from New York to Rhode Island. Once we arrived, we parked ourselves inside a cabana on the beach, right next to the ocean. It was bright and sunny, the sky was magnificent and blue. The day couldn't have been more perfect.

First, we took photos all along the cabana, and then we walked into the small beach town that sits next to the beach and shot some more. (They have yummy treats all around like salt water taffy and delicious home made ice cream, both of which we sampled).

This little beach town is also home to the oldest carousel in America. It has wooden horses on chains that spin around a central wooden cylinder, which had drum and pipe organ adornments. We stood in the center and snapped some shots of us as the horses whirled by.

Next, we headed to the docks and shot some pics next to the water. All of the sudden, this amazing fog rolled into town. It was like a bonfire had been set off and the smoke just filled up all around us. It felt like we were on a movie set.

The scene was set for the second half of our shoot. We descended onto the beach area, with instruments in toe. Alex had his drum kit set up in the sand. The beach emptied due to the lack of direct sun light, and the incredible fog made it look like we were on some marooned island. So for the next hour or so we took advantage of this fog anomaly as our amazing photographer, Richie, snapped tons of epic images.

Needless to say, we are SO amped about these new photos and can't wait for you guys to see them. Check back soon for a sneak peak of some of the shots...



Sylvia said...

i'm so excited to see them!!!

Anonymous said...

haha you didn't mention anything about the hot girls you met on the harbor side... yeah sorry if they came out horrible because of us :)

Viky said...

That's awesome,I can't wait!

I don't know which one of you wrote this blog entry but the descriptions are really well written. :)

Anyway, I'm making a fansite for you guys but I'm not done yet.