Gentlemen in the Studio with Cats

We are SO pumped about our new recordings.. Everything is progressing quite nicely. It's been such a treat to give these songs the FULL studio treatment. (It's about time really). For the last month we've pooled all our creative energy together and have come up with something truly wonderful I am proud to say.

People have asked us, 'What's it like in the studio?' Well, a typical day in the studio could run about 10 hours or more. It's in these long sessions that a good chunk of the tracking gets done. Many times I find myself sipping on some freshly brewed java beans (aka coffee) to keep me moving. Andrew has said that it helps my fingers dance across the keyboards. I tend to agree.

When you sit in a room with four other people things can sometimes get... congested. It's a fun little experiment to see who will crack first and go nutty at some point!? One time Alex got so claustrophobic down in the studio he had to go run laps around the block for an hour! Haha. But in full seriousness we are HONOR SOCIETY so we keep our cool. Duh.

Another feature of our studio experience has been the cat factor. Chris Theis, our producer we are working with, has two cats that roam around the studio at any given point. You might by chance get up for a minute to get a drink and come back only to find your seat stolen by a C-A-T!

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ps No cats were harmed during the making of this EP. Duh.



EP Release

For the past month we have been in the studio (which has seriously screwed up my tan) putting in a lot of love into our new recordings and we are all stoked with how they are progressing. We just finished tracking See U In The Dark and it sounds... well I guess we have to keep that a secret for now.

With all the progress we have made, we wanted to announce our EP release date...

June 7th @ the Knitting Factory (Main Stage).

More details will be announced as it gets closer to the date AND we are going to have several contests, giving you the chance to win copies of the EP before the 7th.

aight. those are our studio updates.

it is a beautiful sunny day... everyone get out and enjoy it.

- The well-dressed boys of HS


Love in this Club

Hey, so we're here at the recording studio and day dreaming of you, duh. We've been working so hard on all three songs because we want to blow your minds. I think we're close.

But seriously when these three songs come out its gonna be boss. If you liked or loved HONOR SOCIETY before you're about to be in danger of obsession, good thing its almost summer. We'll be releasing our home addresses soon for cute stalkers.

In the meantime we are also scheming a new "Gentlemen's Club" which as you know we're always trying to take to a new level. We won't stop till we're filming on a yacht ;)

Bottom line: you all are amazing, this band has come so far in the last six months its crazy, and we want the next six to top that..so stick with us, we won't let you down.

Gimmie a D! Gimmie a U! Gimmie an H! What's that spell!?! HONOR SOCIETY

The Varsity Captains of HONOR SOCIETY


Honor Society in Billboard Magazine

As a musician...as someone who has played music their whole life and has always dreamed of playing music for a living, there are a few "milestones" that you look forward to...you know, like being on the cover of Rolling Stone or winning your first Grammy.

Last week, I'm proud to say that we've reached one of these milestones...let's call it a mini-milestone :)

Last week, Honor Society made its first appearance in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE!!!

Without further ado, here it is:


Next stop, Rolling Stone ;)

-andrew lee


It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out

HONOR SOCIETY lovers and friends, how are you?

First of all check out a professional artist's rendition of Michael and Alexander doing the 'Dirty Girl' above. 'Dirty Girl' is a Bobby Light song/production...duh.

So we've been in a pretty sick whirlwind lately. Last week we played a sold out 'old office' Knitting Factory show. The place was PACKED and we had a great time. Not mention the army of glo-sticks we got to witness rocking out to See U In The Dark.

Then Thursday we 'Rocked The Cause' at Marlboro High School in NJ with another pretty large and wild crowd. Major props to Marlboro HS and the lovely organizers who put it together.

Both shows made us feel like we're on the right tack and that we're doing something right because thankfully you guys are really responding to what we're doing. You're picking up what we're putting down if you will.

On the horizon for us is finishing our new recordings which we can't wait to have finished and by most of our myspace messages neither can YOU!

The reality is we're at an interesting point in our career right now. There's some major music business industry interest happening but its becoming attractive at the same time to do things more on our own...maybe Gentleman's Club Records is not too far from reality..;)

But don't you guys worry about that...just get amped for:


you get the idea....duh....you're HONOR SOCIETY fans so we know you're smart.

Good morning, Good afternoon, Goodnight
we love you,



See U In The Dark - Lyrics

By popular demand. Read them. Memorize them. We want to see YOU singing with us at our next show. Duh.

You were always the girl
Who would give me girl advice
Whenever I needed it

You're my best friend in the world
My friends thought you were fine
But I was always denying it

Then one summer day
I saw you laying by your swimming pool
And I was thinking damn you really changed
You're not the little girl i used to know
You opened up my eyes

I see you walk across my room in
Nothing but the moonlight
Now I love to see u in the dark
See u in the dark

My window frames you like a Monet
So don't come back to bed yet
Cause I love to see u in the dark
See u in the dark

My whole perspective has changed
The veil has been lifted
Now I see you're gifted

I'll never see you the same
Don't think I can go back
Cause I will always desire it

Don't take another step
Towards me just in case we have regrets
If tomorrow we go back to being friends
I'll think about the way you look tonight
You opened up my eyes

Maybe if you were someone else
It wouldn't have to be like this
I'm wondering how you feel about me now
Was it just a friendly kiss, yeah
Cause I'm seeing you for the first time

ShowDown in Motown

Okay, so we aren't actually going to Motown - but we are playing in NYC

The Knitting Factory
In the Old Office
at 7:30

Bring: Your "A" Game and a Glowstick


I am especially stoked to play because I am debuting a brand new drumset that I built and it looks mondo sick... oh yeah.

- A-town and down


Many shows/Facial hair grows/Studio photos

Ladies and Gents,

Just got back from a gig at Adelphi University out in Long Island. It was a cool spot, and we killed it (Duh). A few days ago we had a gig in Boston, and we're at Toquet Hall in CT for show tomorrow night.. and we're SUPER pumped to be back in NYC at the Knitting Factory on the 14th. It's gonna be off the hook!
Ok so me and the boys all decided to grow out a little facial hair while in the studio.. unity beards actually. I know, kinda kooky right.. but that's how we roll in Honor Society; all for one and one for all.
The recording is going extremely well, and we are itching to give you a taste of how it's all sounding.. For now feast your eyes on some shots we've gathered at 'Little Monster Studios' where all the overdubs are going down. It's been a blast for us. Take a look.


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In The Studio...the video

It's my first blog post! wooo!

I wanted to share this video with y'all because it has a lot of ME in it. Really...I'm the primary narrator, though Mr. Jason Rosen closes the video in style...in the dark.

Make sure you have your volume turned up and watch all the way to the end.

Get intimate with HONOR SOCIETY :)

-andrew lee