Recording/Scientology Protests & The world's worst caricature

Your favorite Gentlemen hit the studio yesterday for what's the start of a couple of weeks of recording. Here's the classy account:

It kicked off with me and Alex driving from the burbs to NYC right smack into the middle of a Scientology protest rally. no joke. Edison Studios is located right next to a huge church of Scientology. After converting some Scientology haters into HONOR SOCIETY fans we made our way into the studio.

The studio was sick, it's Lenny Kravitz's personal studio and we got work exclusively with one of his engineers, Chris Theis. We also got to use some of Lenny's own equipment like his bass and guitar amps.

Recording was awesome, it felt so great to play our songs with the passion and excitement that we all have for the music and then have it captured by such a pro in such a special studio. I'm seriously fighting tell you guys what we recorded but for now I'll keep it a surprise.

These recordings are gonna FINALLY rep HS in the way we've wanted for so long.

Lastly, on a short studio break yesterday jason and I decided to hit times square and get our caricature game up. The problem...we got the worst caricature guy in New York. We told him we were in a band and he decided to draw me holding a martini. wtf.

You can check out the picture right below in jason's blog about the studio, the 'frozone perspective' if you will.


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